Lose Leg Fat

Natural Ways to Lose Leg Fat

Many people find it hard to lose leg fat especially women, and for those who don’t have a lot of time or have severe arthritis or fibromyalgia this can be a tough subject.  There are manmade ways to lose leg fat, and there are natural ways to lose leg fat.  The options are laid out for you here, so it’s going to ultimately be up to you to choose for yourself.

The best man made ways to lose leg fat are through various exercises.  Some of these leg exercises require equipment, while others do not.  Based upon the exercises you can decide for yourself which will be the easiest, and best of all you can pick the exercises that fit into your schedule.  Not all exercises produce results within the same timeframe for everyone, so it’s also a matter of patience. 

The best exercises to help women lose leg fat are thigh exercises.  Thigh exercises don’t just help the thigh, but it helps shape the area around the thigh and the upper area above the inner thigh near the groin.  Many men and women alike tend to get a pocket of fat in this area, but doing these exercises that help burn fat can get rid of that unsightly flab. 

The first exercise that works to help you lose leg fat is good old-fashioned leg raises.  For leg raises you would need to lie on the ground on your side.  Bend your elbow and rest your head on the palm of your hand, and make sure that your legs are straight in line with each other, one on top of the other.  Then, lift your leg a few inches and bring it back down, almost touching the one below it.  You can do 10 to 12 repetitions of this and then roll over and do the other leg.  This exercise helps burn leg fat on the outside of the thigh, so to burn fat on that troublesome inner thigh you would do this exercise just a tad different.

To burn fat on the inner thigh, you would lay on the floor just as you did before, but this time you are going to bend the outside leg at the knee, and raise the leg up that is on the floor.  As you lift the leg up, you can feel the stretch in the thigh.  The repetitions with this exercise should be the same as before.  So, you will do 10 to 12 repetitions and do these three times a day, every day.  This particular exercise when done repetitively everyday is very effective, and after a few weeks you will begin to see the changes. 

To lose leg fat naturally, you can follow a low fat diet.  By lowering the amount of saturated fat in your diet, and lowering the amount of starches and sugars you take in you can being to lose leg fat.  For women, this fat tissue tends to gather around our middle section, thighs, hips and our buttocks.  In addition, this tissue is very hard to battle and get rid of.  Taking a supplement such as Glutamine can aid in minimizing inches from those areas, but it may not work the same for everyone.  Research suggests that all of these steps combined are the best solution when trying to lose leg fat. 

There are machines at the gym that you can use to help in the process as well.  Using an adductor machine is a great machine to use when trying to trim the thighs.  Since thigh fat is the hardest leg fat to lose, this machine is a great tool.  You can do a homemade version of this exercise at home.  All you need to do is lie on your back on the floor, and put your feet straight up in the air.  Then, slowly lower your legs outward in a v shape position and then take them back up.  The recommendation on this leg fat blasting exercise is to do 100 repetitions every single day. 

In order to lose leg fat, this is the price you have to pay.  Women struggle with this more so than men, but these exercises combined with a healthy diet are sure to help you lose leg fat.