Tan Legs

Tips for Getting Tan Legs That Are Beautiful

Many people are too busy to go to tanning salons or spend enough time outdoors to get tan legs; possibly you don’t care for the idea of exposing your skin to potentially dangerous ultraviolet rays. Fortunately there are ways that you can get a great tan without having to spend hours under the sun and exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.

One way that you can get tan legs is by purchasing a lotion or spray from the drug store that will give you a tan without the sun. Some of these products will provide a tanned look right away, while others may take a few applications before the tan is noticeable.

When using home sunless tanning products to get tan legs you will want to be sure that you remove all of the dead skin cells before applying the spray or lotion. When you remove the dead skin cells there is less of a chance of the product leaving marks that look like streaks. In addition to removing dead skin cells, it is also important that you start with legs that are cleanly shaven, plus the skin should be in good condition and not dry.

To get tan legs with a sunless tanning product you should read the directions on the bottle before you attempt to apply it to your skin. To apply a lotion or spray, begin at your ankles and work your way up the leg. You will want to be sure that you are applying the product as evenly as possible. Try not to get too much of the lotion or spray on the ankles or the back of the knees; these areas may absorb the product more quickly and cause an uneven tan.

Once you have applied the sunless tanning product you will want to check your legs in a few hours to see how dark the tan is; if you would prefer tan legs that are darker you can apply more until you get the tan you are satisfied with. If you would like to build up the tan over a period of days, you can simply apply the product once a day to your legs and within a few days you will have tan legs.

In addition to using sunless tanning products sold in drug stores, you can also get a professional spray on tan from a salon to get tan legs. The cost of using a salon to get a tan is fairly reasonable, but because the tan will only last about a week you will need to go back to the salon on a regular basis to keep your tan beautiful.

Using a tanning salon that offers the spray on tan option is one way to get fast results, which is useful if you want to spend the weekend at the beach and simply don’t have time to tan your legs first. When calling a salon to find out about there services you will want to ask how long it takes for them to apply the spray, as well as the length of time before the tan appears. In most cases you will notice darker, tan legs within 30 minutes after the treatment.

No matter if you use a salon to get a spray on tan, or if you use a home product to get tan legs, you will want to be sure that you have enough time to spare that you can wait for the dye to dry before dressing or the dye may stain your clothing.